Timeless Technologies has been providing best in class technology based software in Canada, the USA as well as globally since 1995. Headquartered in Charlottetown, Timeless employs a staff of twenty of the best software engineers, software developers, web designers, quality assurance engineers and consultants in the marketplace to ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction both for our clients but more importantly for our client's customers. Through innovative solutions our clients are able to respond to their customers needs to ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction and profitability. Timeless Technologies has developed hundreds of custom software solutions since we began business back in 1995 which have included, but are not limited to:

  • Custom Engineered Business and Project Management Solutions
  • Customized Time Clock Solutions
  • Software Integration Services
  • Customized Software Development
  • Communication and email Solutions
  • Complete e-commerce Backbone Solutions
  • Customized Web Design and Development
  • Database Solutions
  • Numerous Medical Technology Applications

Timeless Technologies consistently hires top talent from the university programs on PEI, across the Maritimes and the rest of Canada. Timeless has industry certified Software Engineers, and Customer Service Representatives on staff on hand ready to assist you. Timeless also endeavours to make alliances with complimentary companies that have proven track records for sound business practices, innovative technologies and areas of unique specialization.

Timeless has a long history of providing highly sophisticated information technology, application and database solutions based on the latest industry standards as well as on our own proprietary technologies. Timeless has developed software applications; front and backend database products for single location, networked client/server and secure ASP/web-enabled implementations.

Career Opportunities

If you're looking for work that will challenge and inspire you, and a job that will offer tremendous personal and professional growth, then Timeless Technologies is the right place for you. You will work with some of the island's most talented, driven, and creative people, and together we will create the most memorable web experiences ever. Timeless Technologies is focused on hiring and retaining the best and brightest. We encourage an environment of creativity and innovation, and we offer competitive salaries and benefits.

University and College Workterms and Interships

Do you have a passion for software development and the desire to be a part of the Timeless Technologies team? If you're looking for an exciting internship or a great job right out of university, Timeless could be the place for you! We provide internship and full-time employment opportunities for students interested in software development and web design.

We partner with schools and universities in identifying and fostering talent to meet our current and future hiring needs. We have student positions available every semester. If you are intersted in a student position, please fill out an application. Please be aware that due to the volume of interest we receive each year, we may not be able to follow-up with everyone who applies.